Pictures from KhushDC and Community Events

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Types of Events
  • Chat 'N' Chai Discussion Groups
    Often hosted at a KhushDC Member's residence where we discuss topics such as coming out, gender identity and expression, sex and relationships, and gay marriage. These discussion groups may also follow a movie screening, with light refreshments to be provided by the KhushDC Board.
  • Chutney Dinners
    We meet up a restaurant in the D.C. metropolitan area for a bite to eat, share ideas, and catch up with each other.  After dinner we usually go to a nearby bar or club to continue the fun.
  • Community Collaboration
    We regularly collaborate with other LGBTQ organizations in the D.C. metropolitan area to hold join events.  For example, in February we'll co-host/sponsor Black Pride Month with DC Black Pride, DC Latino Pride Committee, International Federation of Black Prides, and Latino GLBT History Project, and in May we'll host Pride & Heritage with NAPAWF, AQUA, and others.  We particularly like to partner with other queer people of color (QPOC) organizations.
  • Happy Hours
    We usually work out a deal with a local bar to give our group happy hour prices while we listen to Bollywood and Bhangra music playing in the background.  We'll sometimes bring in samosas for those that show up early!
  • Jalwa Parties
    They're similar to the Sholay parties in NYC - essentially a big party where we dance to Bollywood, Bhangra, and Top 40 music all night long.  We'll invite our South Asian LGBTQ and allies from all over east coast to join us for a night off Jalwa.
  • Potlucks
    Everyone loves food, and these events are where this love is shared! KhushDC Potlucks are hosted by a KhushDC Member, and the food you bring will be determined by a rotating cycle corresponding with the first letter of your last name. Can't cook? KhushDC Members pay $5 and non-members pay $10. Wear your South Asian attire with pride and don't forget to bring your favorite music!