Get Involved

Join the Khush family
KhushDC Membership is open to any dues-paying individual who fully supports the group's mission. By joining the organization, KhushDC Members agree to follow the KhushDC bylaws, policies, and procedures.  Our annual dues are $15/year for regular members and $10 for students and those that have limited income, just to help us offset food at events, registration costs for Pride activities, snacks for community events, web services, and much more.  Shoot us an e-mail if you're interested -

Chit-Chat with Us
KhushDC currently uses two methods of communication - Yahoo! Groups list server and Facebook. 

The Yahoo! Groups list server has proven to be an excellent way for our members to ask questions, post information, gather a group, or just meet new people.  Also, those that want to remain anonymous like this route because they can use any e-mail address to join (including Gmail) and setup a unique username.  When you sign-up, you'll be asked to introduce yourself - we take this part very seriously because we want to ensure the privacy of everyone else on the list server, so tell us why you want to join, what part of DC you live in, whether you're part of the LGBTQ family or just an ally, what you're hoping to gain from joining, etc.  Click the logo to become a member today!

With Facebook's popularity and ease of use, a large portion of members have chosen to go this route - it lets you receive updates in your newsfeed, you can easily comment on posts, and we regularly post informative articles, fun Bollywood videos, and other links to the group.  Click the logo above to join the page!

Help Us Out
Since KhushDC is a volunteer-run organization, we're always looking for people with all kinds of skills or passions in the following areas:

  • Political activism
  • Event coordination - Social or Political
  • Marketing/PR
  • Hosting events - potlucks, movie nights, cooking classes
  • Videography/Photography
  • Catering
  • Sponsorship
If you can contribute in another way, shoot us as an e-mail at Board @ (remove spaces when e-mailing) and let's talk.