Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Protest Against Anti-LGBTQ Ruling in India - Dec. 13

On Wednesday, India's Supreme Court re-criminalized homosexuality in India. This law is known as Section 377 in the Indian Penal Code and it has been used to harass, silence, and imprison the LGBTQ community in the country.

KhushDC applauds the great work of activists and leaders in India who have brought international light to the struggles of LGBTQ people in India and other parts of South Asia today through this drawn-out legal battle, which is a tremendous accomplishment in itself. 

In solidarity with those organizers, LGBTQ South Asian groups from across the United States are holding a coordinated series of candlelight rallies to lend some light to the Indian government, because the Supreme Court decision on 377 demonstrates the degree to which India is still in the dark.


Protest Against Anti-LGBTQ Ruling in India

Date: Friday, December 13

Time: 6pm sharp

Location: Indian Embassy (2107 Massachusetts Ave NW)


After the candlelight rally, join us at our previously scheduled Bollywood LGBTQ dance party Jalwa. Doors open at 9:30pm. More information here:

*Photos and video will be taken, with participants consent, for a national campaign to raise awareness and support for overturning the Supreme Court of India's ruling.

**Please be on time for this important event and bring family and friends in solidarity. Email for more information or post below.