Friday, October 11, 2013

National Coming Out Day: A message of strength

Happy National Coming Out Day, KhushDC! On this coming out day we would like to share with you a message from a former KhushDC board member, Keshav Khanijow, and all-around wonderful person on the strength needed to come out as a double minority:

I remember my most favorite "It Gets Better" video...the one where a lady said "it doesn't get better, but you get stronger." As I've grown older, I've become more comfortable with being out, but I still feel uncomfortable in gay settings: ironically, it's not conservative pressure from my South Asian identity (in fact, that community has been a source of strength), but rather from the LGBT social community. It's not like one of those movies where you go to a bar, befriend people, and find support. I'm constantly reminded of my different upbringing through missed cultural references, my genetically wider hips, and seeing my acquaintances getting 5x more Grindr messages than me. Coming out as a [gay Indian] nerd from an immigrant family was really hard, and the repercussions of the process still affect me today. Luckily, community organizations like KhushDC and Trikone provided me a haven to recharge and empower me to confront the world outside in Mt. Vernon, DuPont Circle, and the Castro, but coming out as a double minority requires strength: make sure you have some people to fall back on, and most importantly make sure you can fall back on yourself. -Keshav Khanijow

Keshav's note reminds us of the importance of strength and community when coming out of the closet. Please know that we're here for you whether it's just to listen, help figure things out, or, well, to Jalwa in all your fabulousness to the latest Madhuri Dixit cameo! Also, you can always turn to our community's anonymous helpline, Desi Queer Helpline (DeQH), if you don't feel comfortable reaching out to us. You can learn more about DeQH here:

Best wishes,
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