Friday, July 13, 2012

Queer India: Play & Short Films on Fri. July 27

KhushDC, the South Asian LGBTQ community group for the DC area, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are excited to present a play and short film from India. The play will be performed in English and the short film will either be in English or have English subtitles.

Queer India: Through a Play and Short Films
Date: Friday, July 27th
Time: 7:00pm - Program starts, 8:30pm - Q&A (please be seated by 6:45pm)
Cost: Free!  This event is a fundraiser for The Humsafar Trust and Kashish film festival in India.
Location: SEIU Conference Center - 1800 Massachusetts Ave NW (Dupont Circle/Red line)

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The play, "Ek Madhavbaug," is brought by Vivek Anand, who is the CEO of The Humsafar Trust, an NGO based in Mumbai, India. The trust acts as a focal point for LGBT activism and supports initiatives on local and national platforms that work towards reducing discrimination towards LGBT communities in country. The organization also works in the areas of health, advocacy, capacity building and research. Ek Madhav Baug, written by the late playwright Chetan Datar, is about a mother's journey into her son's sexuality through his written diaries. The 45-minute play is enacted by well-known Bollywood actress Mona Ambegaonkar. (Review of the play:

Two short films, Breaking Free and Raat Baaki (Night is Young) are brought by Sridhar Rangayan, who is the curator of Mumbai's queer film festival, Kashish. Rangayan has directed several gay-themed films in India, including the country's first gay film in Hindi, called "Gulabi Aiina" (The Pink Mirror). Since then, he directed and produced more movies and now brings Bollywood celebrities to take part as judges in the queer film festival. Also, he spearheads "Project Bolo" (Project Speak), which encourages Indians to come out of the closet in an effort to lead the way for others who are struggling with their sexual identity, gender, and orientation in the country. (Kashish Film Festival website:

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