Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Introducing Chai 'N' Chat

In honor of National Coming Out Day, October 11th, we would like to announce the revival of KhushDC's Chai 'N' Chat Discussion Group meetings.

Chai 'N' Chat is a safe and confidential place for the South Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community to join a group atmosphere to discuss a variety of topics such as coming out, gender identity and expression, sex and relationships, marriage, and much more.  Usually, the topic for a specific meeting is just a guide - feel free to bring any topic of concern to you.

Sunday, November 13th Chai 'N' Chat

Cutting Chai. Photo credit: Premshree
Pillai's Flickr photostream
Time: 4:00pm
Topic: Coming Out

Each person’s coming-out story is unique and personal.  Come share your story with us or just come and listen to other coming-out stories on Sunday, November 13th.  We'll be meeting at a KhushDC member's residence in the Mount Pleasant area.  More details, directions, and options for transportation will be sent on an individual basis once you RSVP to treasurer @ khushdc.org or dwayneeric @ yahoo.com (without the spaces) to ensure the privacy of everyone attending.

EXCERPTS on the coming-out process

“Many people find that coming out is a positive experience. However, coming to terms with confusion about identity can have both positive and negative effects on many aspects of a person's life, including social relationships, school or work, and self-esteem.

Coming out can be a difficult time; many LGBT people fear negative reactions, rejection and upsetting people they are close to. In many parts of the world strong cultural attitudes and discriminatory laws make coming out even harder.

Despite the obstacles faced by LGBT people, every day more people around the world make the decision to come out, and many organisations are working to provide support and campaign for the rights of people who are able to come out and live their lives openly as LGBT.” - http://www.avert.org/coming-out.htm

“For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, coming out is a process of understanding, accepting, and valuing one’s sexual orientation/identity. Coming out includes both exploring one’s identity and sharing that identity with others. It also involves coping with societal responses and attitudes toward LGBT people.

The coming out process is very personal. This process happens in different ways and occurs at different ages for different people. Some people are aware of their sexual identity at an early age; others arrive at this awareness only after many years. Coming out is a continuing, sometimes lifelong, process. Because positive role models are often difficult to identify, LGBT people may feel alone and unsure of their own sexual identities. Fear of rejection is greater among LGBT people due to the prejudices in society against them.” - http://www.counselingcenter.illinois.edu/?page_id=150